Time in Terra

The Calendar

The calendar that Terra uses is based on the moon cycle. The moon names and corresponding months are as follows:

January – Cold Moon
February – Snow Moon
March – Sap Moon
April – Grass Moon
May – Flower Moon
June – Faerie’s Moon
July – Thunder Moon
August – Satyr’s Moon
September – Harvest Moon
October – Blood Moon
November – Wolf Moon
December – Hunter’s Moon

Days are counted just as they would be normally out-of-game: “the twenty-eighth day of…” or “the seventh day of…”.

Time during the day is also expressed in the same way it would out-of-game: “half past four…” or “four thirty”

The year in Terra is equivalent to the modern year minus 390, thus in 2012 the year in Terra is 1622.


The Common Timeline

This is the common timeline used by most humans. RE stands for Recent Era.

  • Year 0: The Spirits create humans. It is widely believed that the Xheng nation is the first human nation to exist on Terra.

  • 15 RE: The first Imp is glimpsed wandering around in the vicinity of Vitcos.

  • 38 RE: The Great Library is founded in Pinghu.

  • 51 RE: The first successful circumnavigation of the world is completed. The sailors tell of strange islands off the coast of the Runa and also report that people live on the small and distant island-continent of Boreni.

  • 120 RE: First Legati are recorded traveling the main continent.

  • 142 RE: The Elves close Lisht after a group of masked marauders, probably Legati but perhaps Alhazir or even Xheng, sack the city. Mortals are no longer allowed to enter the city proper, although they may conduct business at the docks.

  • 150 RE: The Gold City is constructed, which marks the official start of the Psychic Empire.

  • 243 RE: The famous Duchann explorer Neas Ruthven goes missing after setting off to explore the Obsidian Isles.  He is never heard from again.

  • 400 RE: The Red Cap order is founded.

  • 601 RE: The Ger successfully invade through Xheng, sacking parts of Pinghu before being driven back to their Northern kingdoms.

  • 621 RE: Rumors of a collapse of the Dwarven Empire on the Southern Continent spread throughout Terra.

  • 650 RE: Rumors of a black market, controlled by a shadowy figure known only as The Master, begin to circulate around the continent.

  • 700 RE: In an event known as “The Night of Fire,” the Gold City is destroyed along with the rest of the Psychic Empire. This catastrophe also redraws a sizable portion of the continent.

  • 800 RE: What is now commonly believed to have been the last dragon in all of Terra is killed by a group of adventurers looking for a good sport.

  • 810 RE: The Mages Guild establishes a city named Kearsley on Crow Island.

  • 1000 RE: After decades of planning, negotiating, and delicate mercantile manipulations, the Merchant Consortium officially unifies Terra’s currency and cites the turn of the Millennium as its official start.

  • 1480 RE: The Mahanakuy stage their first uprising in Paiti. After a two-week long siege, the rebels are finally smoked out of their bunker. The leaders are executed and the group goes underground.

  • 1574 RE: An expedition funded by the King of Leode sets out to establish a settlement called Salinea on the island of Remos.

  • 1611 RE: The lost continent of Gallif reappears, along with the three races that inhabit it. The Aemoans, Lacon, and Jay’ek begin to reintegrate with the other societies of Terra. Word of a plague originating from the continent spreads, but it is soon cured in large part thanks to the efforts of those now known as the Lost Heroes of Salinea.

  • 1611 RE: Despite the efforts of the Lost Heroes, the Void erupts in Salinea. The Heroes disappear in the conflict and countless voidic forces are released, destroying a sizable amount of the island. The Void constructs a massive Crystal Citadel.

  • 1612 RE: Runa forces begin to land on Gallif. What starts a peaceful mission soon turns violent as the Runans seize the Aemoan cities.

  • 1613 RE: A Voidic Army, led by a female knight, invades South-Eastern Xheng. Within months the Empress of Xheng disappears. There are many conflicting rumors as to whether she still lives and who is responsible for her fate.

  • 1614 RE: Following an event known as the “Red Council” in which several government leaders were assassinated, another Voidic Army, led by Guardia Lightpath, invades Leode. Without leadership, Leode falls within a few moons. Leoden refugees are harbored by anarchist-turned-vigilante organization Leoden Shepherds. Many flee the country.

  • 1615 RE: The leader of the Voidic Army in Xheng disappears and the Voidic forces disperse throughout Xheng. Within moons a large force of Ger traveling from the North turns hostile and invades, skirting all the major Xheng fortresses and successfully reaching and sieging Pinghu.

  • 1616 RE: The majority of the Voidic Army in Leode crosses the mountains and threatens Eastern Xheng, uniting with the remaining Voidic forces and intercepting the bulk of the Xheng army and warring with it for over a year while Pinghu holds without reinforcements against the Ger.

  • 1616 RE: Several moons after the Void begins its struggles with the Xheng army, longboats manned by Dwarven warriors land on several points throughout Southern Xheng and claim right of conquest. Xheng is spread too thin to protect its holdings. The Dwarves hold these territories to date.

  • 1617 RE: After two years of near-constant Siege, Pinghu falls for the first time to the Ger army. The Great Library is breached and sacked six moons after.

  • 1620 RE: As the 5 Clans of Xheng struggle to rebuild their country, a council forms to regain control of the remaining Xheng forces and drive out most of the remaining Voidic forces. Pinghu is reclaimed along with much of the surrounding area. Over the next several moons, this council retakes most of the old empire and dubs the country “New Xheng.”

  • 1627 RE: Present day.

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