Common Creatures

Here is a list of Common Creatures that your character is likely to encounter at some point in time or another while adventuring with us. Each creature entry below contains a brief description of the creature, an In-Game (IG) description of said creature’s appearance, and an Out-of-Game (OOG) description of the appearance of the costume we use to represent the creature.


  • Description: Adaro are a type of water-creature that sometimes appears on land to go hunting; humans are possible prey, but other creatures are also up for grabs.  They travel alone or in very small groups.  Some are poisonous to the touch.

  • IG: Large amphibious green scaled creatures

  • OOG: Green face paint on all visible skin with blue or red circles under the eyes. Green clothes with red accents.


  • Description: They hunt in pairs or small packs. Their gaze can turn prey to stone. Once their prey is immobilized they will take their time killing and eating it.

  • IG: Large reptiles, there torso and head are dark green and their limbs are a lighter green, long fangs, large eyes.

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a long sleeve, light green shirt and a dark green tabard over it. They will have a green face with black lines leading to the eyes.


  • Description: Small mischievous nocturnal creatures who will try to put people to sleep to steal shiny valuables. They have an intense dislike for light and avoid it all costs. Though generally harmless they are extremely dangerous when provoked, they are intelligent enough to hold grudges.

  • IG: Small being completely cloaked in darkness.

  • OOG: Flowing black clothes and a black out mask. Staffer will be crouched down.


  • Description: These undead are sentient but unable to speak. They can cast Bind through their staff and will move about the battle field Binding opponents so that the other undead can more easily deal with them.

  • IG: The demi-litch has a humanoid shape that appears to be made of a dark black gas for most of its body. It has a skull for its head and bones in its hands. The body is solid despite its gaseous appearance.

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a long black cloak and a half skull mask, carrying a staff.


  • Description: Powerful creatures of the void, there are many different varieties with different strengths and weaknesses. These creatures are very dangerous as they can consume the strings of their victims.

  • IG: Large black cloaked humanoid beings with metallic faces. Sometimes armored.

Morpheus Demon

  • OOG: All black, shiny face mask. Sometimes wield orange light.


  • Description: An entity made entirely out of their given element. They tend to exhibit behavioral tendencies based on their given Spirit’s personality.

  • IG: Made entirely out of their given element. While they mostly come in a humanoid shape they come in many others as well. Such as, a worm, a ball, a wolf, etc.

  • OOG: Each element has certain colors associated with it. The Staffer will be wearing clothes the color of the elemental they are. They will also have an elaborate face paint designed to look like the given element.


  • Description: Intensely magical beings from the Realm of Faerie. There are many variations of fae but not much is known of them by mortals.

  • IG: They vary in appearance and can glamour themselves to appear human.

  • OOG: They wear distinctive masks (though not all of the time).


  • Description: Large magical bear like creatures. They forge for and eat magical flowers and will only attack if hungry or provoked.

  • IG: Large light brown furred creature.

  • OOG: brown fur, feather mask


  • Description: They live in a strict hierarchy. They are very aggressive and will attack anyone outside of the pack they run across.

  • IG: Hyena like humanoids, covered in a short brown coat, large sharp teeth

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a brown shirt, brown face paint with black spots running up the forehead, and visible skin painted brown.


  • Description: These relatively small and weak humanoids are extremely clever. They are always looking to make a profit and will go to great lengths to lie, cheat, or steal their way to the riches they desire.

  • IG: Humanoid, green skin with a red cross on their face, smaller than most humans, sharp teeth and pointed ears.

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a green tabard. They will also have their visible skin painted green with a red cross on their face.


  • Description: Rock, or something similar, carved into human shape and animated by magic. They are heavy and slow and most often used as guards. While they possess a degree of sentience they are incapable of experiencing emotion or empathy.

  • IG: Solid rock/metal/etc. carved into human shape. The amount of detail varies from golem to golem with some looking like perfect replicas of people and others that are no more that rocks shaped to have four limbs.

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a chainmail shirt and have their face and all other visible skin painted grey.


  • Description: Nocturnal hunters that travel in packs usually consisting of one male and several females. They will only attack prey weaker than them that they can overwhelm. Males are cowardly and relay mainly on females to chase and take down prey. The male will then poison hobbled prey and the pack will keep watch will it dies and then eat. The males eat first. Females are extremely dangerous if their male is killed.

  • IG: Sleek completely black quadrupeds with blue or red markings below their eyes.

  • OOG: All black with blue circles under the eyes (female) or red circles (male).


  • Description: Tribal and honorable, the hobgoblins are a race that exists in almost every part of Terra. They are territorial and will fiercely guard their land and tribe, but they are not aggressive and will not seek out conflicts. They are known, however, for offering “honor combat” and “honor duels” to test their skills and train. It is dangerous, however, to cheat the pre-decided terms of these duels….

  • IG: Partially green-skinned humanoids with elaborate bands of tattooing on one upper arm. Frequently heavily armed.

  • OOG: Green makeup lines on the face, a green tabard, and bands of colored cloth wrapped around the upper left or right arm.


  • Description: These predatory animals hunt in groups and communicate solely through howls. Extremely strong, these animals will knock their prey to the ground and pummel it until the prey dies.

  • IG: Large reptilian creatures. They are brown and green, well muscled with large fangs and claws.

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a shiny brown tabard. Their visible skin will be painted brown with green scales.

Incorporeal Undead

  • Description: Spirit like, magic using undead beings that have no earthly body. Like all undead they are dangerous, some more than others.

  • IG: Translucent floating humanlike beings

  • OOG: All white clothes, and with either a white painted face or an undead mask depending on type. Sometimes wield purple light.


  • Description: Kender are innocent and fearless creatures who collect all of the shiny things they can find.  They “speak” in a series of clicking noises and offer trades to those they come across.  They are not afraid, however, to simply start poking around in pockets, unattended bags, and so on.

  • IG: Blue Humanoids dressed in colorful clothing

  • OOG: Blue face paint on all visible skin, colorful costuming, lots of pockets

Kender Guardian:

  • Description: Kender Guardians are a group of beings who have sworn to protect Kenders, who they view as harmless and innocent.  If the murderer is known, they will walk into town, tell him exactly why they are about to kill him, and then proceed to kill him.  If the murderer is unknown, they will ask around in town to try and figure out his identity.  If his identity is withheld or unknown, they will inform the town that they will be back once they have found out who, in fact, did kill the Kender.

  • IG: Blue skinned heavily armed heavily armored humanoids.

  • OOG: All black clothes, armor, Blue face paint on all visible skin and a red x across the face.


  • Description: Small, cuddly bear like creatures. They spread joy to everyone they come across whether or not that person wants to be joyful. They tend to say nupta a lot.

  • IG: Smaller than most humans, they have a short, fluffy coat, bipedal, and appear vaguely bear-like.

  • OOG: The staffer will be covered in fur.


  • Description: Saurians known for their speed and pack hunting tactics. Raptors are always a dangerous creature if provoked or hungry; this is especially true during their mating season. They are sometimes called by their more accurate name, Velociraptors, which is based on their great speed.

  • IG: Brown and tan scales, large claws, long fanged snout. (Velociraptor).

  • OOG: Brown “scaled” tabard and a velociraptor half-mask.

Skeletons and Wights

  • Description:
    • Skeleton: Skeletons animated by necromantic magic. With no mind of their own they blindly follow the orders of their leader. One of the weakest undead
    • Wight: A much stronger version of the skeleton. They are able to speak  short sentences and are usually found leading other undead. They give off a slight necromantic (purple) glow.
  • IG:

    • Skeleton: A full skeleton with no muscles or skin.
    • Wight: A full skeleton with no muscles or skin. They give off a purple glow.
  • OOG:

    • Skeleton: The staffer will be wearing black clothing and a half skull mask. May have bone gloves.
    • Wight: The staffer will be wearing black clothing, a full skull mask, and a purple light will be hanging from their neck.


  • Description: Large, solitary, and dumb. Trolls are powerful and extremely aggressive, especially if captured or cornered. They have impressive regenerative properties which makes them very difficult to kill.
  • IG: Humanoid, usually larger than humans, their skin is varying shades of green and brown, well muscled, and have ugly facial features by human standards.

  • OOG: The staffer will be wearing a pale green, long sleeve shirt. The face paint is green around the eyes and out to the sides of the face with the rest filled in with brown.


  • Description: Regular beings or people who have been corrupted by Voidic energy and raised to go attack others.  They are mindless and aggressive, and moderately coordinated.
  • IG: The same as whatever the being used to be but with orange claw like markings on the face.
  • OOG: Three parallel orange lines on the face


  • Description: Humans cursed to lose control and turn into beasts on full moons and when they undergo seriously bodily harm. While in their animal shape most zoanthropes cannot communicate or control their actions and will attack anyone near to them.
  • IG: Varies depending on the animal, but will appear as a large humanoid version of that animal.


  • OOG: Mask representing animal and sometimes fur.


  • Description: These undead are slow, uncoordinated, and unintelligent. Usually in large groups, they will strike out at anyone that comes near. They can be lead by more powerful/intelligent undead.
  • IG: Dead bodies in varying stages of decay. They have stitches on their body helping to hold them together. They will be wearing whatever they died in.
  • OOG: There will be stitching patterns on their face and arms. Because they are wearing what they died in the clothing can be from any of the human cultures.

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