Subversive and Stealth Skills

Applicable base headers are listed under each skill.  (* indicates a true skill)

Assassinate (4): You are able to attack so that, when you deal a successful blow, your victim instantly dies; no death strike is necessary.  The blow also deals one point of Vitality damage.  The blow must conform to the following requirements to be successful:

  • The strike must be to the torso, front or back, within the area that would normally be covered by a tank top.
  • The strike must take the victim by complete surprise.
  • The strike may not be made while you are running.

If the blow is unsuccessful, the victim still takes one point of Vitality damage, as long as the blow connects with the victim.  This skill may be countered only by Blessed Armor, at which point the Assassinate skill is expended.  A blow that completely misses its victim or strikes his weapon is not considered expended and may be reused at a later time.
Single-use skill.
Call: “Assassinate”

Avoid trap (1): You can evade one trap after it goes off for each time this skill is purchased.  This applies for all basic traps, including buzzers, poppers, and contact poison.  Note that you may not avoid poisoned blades.
Single-use skill.
Call: “Avoid trap” immediately after the trap you wish to avoid goes off.

Bow (2): You are able to use a bow or crossbow (can be Nerf).  Draw weight must be no more than 15 lbs.  Arrows must be blunt, padded, and considered boff safe.  Arrows deal 3 damage and may be blocked with a shield, but may not be actively swatted out of the air with a weapon.  Any weapon struck with an arrow takes an Unstoppable (not resistable or parryable) Disarm.
Infinite use skill.

Class Study (0): As a trained Spy, you have studied another class so thoroughly that you are able to mimic a few of its skills. You must specify one other class, at which point you are able to select two skills under that header, one true and one non-true. You may then purchase those skills at an increased CP cost: +2 for true skills and +1 for non-true skills.

Escape (3): 

You are able to perform the following three actions:

After ten seconds of role-play, you pull yourself free of the Bind spell.

After five seconds of role-play, you free yourself from ropes, shackles, manacles, or other bonds. Note that this does not allow you to release another person or object from bonds. There are some bonds in-game that the skill Escape may not be effective against; you will be explicitly informed if this is the case.

After five minutes, you escape pit traps.

Infinite use skill.

Escape Bonds (1): After five seconds of role-play, you free yourself from ropes, shackles, manacles, or other bonds. Note that this does not allow you to release another person or object from bonds. There are some bonds in-game that the skill Escape bonds may not be effective against; you will be explicitly informed if this is the case.
Infinite use skill.

Lock-picking (CP with header): (description coming)
Infinite use skill.
Spy (2)*, Rogue (0)*, Assassin (2)*

Poison (3): You receive one vial of poison for each time you purchase this skill at check-in, representing your ability to make and bottle poison between events.  Note that dying does not refresh your supply of poison; you must acquire more vials in-game.  Vials are considered in-game items and may be sold, traded, stolen, transferred, etc. Anyone may apply a single vial of poison to an edged weapon, which remains on the blade until the very first successful blow is struck, at which point the poison is expended.  Poison may never be applied to a blunt weapon.  When struck with poison, the victim falls unconscious in five seconds, and dies after five minutes unless someone casts Purify on him.  Poison bypasses armor.
This skill may be countered by Purify.  Single-use skill.
Call: “Poison” while striking any part of the victim’s body, except the head, groin, feet, or hands
Clarify: Once you have opened a vial of poison, rip the paper inside of the vial in half to indicate that it has been used.  If a vial accidentally opens (the stickers holding the lid closed rip or come undone), you should role-play that the vial broke and the poison inside leaked out.
Spy*,  Assassin*

Reveal/Conceal (1): The Conceal skill allows you to hide one small object, such as a ring, a note, or a vial or poison, on your person that will not be found by a normal search.  The item may not be in plain sight, and it remains concealed only until it is brought out into plain sight.  The Reveal skill automatically negates every Conceal on the victim and gives you the location of all other objects on her person without a further search–the victim must immediately give you every in-game item in her possession.  Note that it is pointless to use more than one Conceal on an item, and that Reveal works only on unconscious or dead bodies.
Single-use skill.
Call: “Conceal” as you hide the item, or “Reveal” while making contact with the victim’s shoulder or upper arm
Spy, Rogue

Set/Disarm Trap (4): You are able to move and/or place explosive traps (represented by the prop of popper fireworks). You may also attempt to disarm any trap that you encounter in-game; only characters with this skill may disarm traps in-game, even if you understand how to disarm it on an out-of-game level. All traps must be acquired in-game. Any traps that go off while you are attempting to set or disarm them have their normal effects. Note that you are required to role-play that any trap you encounter is very dangerous and liable to go off at any time if mishandled. Setting and disarming traps should be role-played as very risky, even possibly lethal. We recommend that you handle explosive traps with tweezers or a similar instrument,
never with bare hands, and always with utmost caution.
Infinite use skill.

Spy (5): One purchase of this between-game skill (BGS) gives you five Spy Points (SP) that you may then choose to spend among five different categories:

Contact agent

    – The ability to ask an agent in a completely different location to do something or find something out, or to carry a message to someone.


    – The ability to know when another person is spying on you, and potentially to prevent it.


    – The ability to code or decode a message, detect the signs of a mage who is working in a given area, understand runes (through contacts who can give basic explanations about them), etc.

Gather information

    – The ability to gather character profiles, place profiles, or interesting facts, or to intercept other spies’ agents, etc.


    – The ability to insert false or fabricated information into game.

You may re-allocate your SP between events to tailor your abilities to what you need or want to do. The boundaries of the skill are extremely broad and coordination with staff is mandatory.
Single-use skill.

Subdue (3): You are able to attack so that a successful blow causes the victim to lose one Vitality and immediately fall unconscious.  The blow must conform to the following standards to be considered successful:

  • You must strike the center of the victim’s upper back, between her shoulder blades, with the butt of your weapon.
  • The strike must take the victim by complete surprise.
  • You may not deliver the blow while running, as it is a stealth attack.

Even if the blow is unsuccessful, it still deals one point of torso damage as long as it connects with the victim.  The victim has no idea of who attacked him, but can make reasonable deductions (for instance, if you and the victim were the only ones in the room) or ask witnesses for clarification on the attacker’s identity. Note that a full metal helmet protects its wearer from one Subdue, at which point the helmet must be repaired.
This skill may not be countered by Parry.  Infinite use skill.
Call: “Subdue”
Spy, Rogue, Assassin

Venom Base (3): You are able to apply two vials of Poison to the same blade. The rules of a poisoned blade still apply, as outlined under the Poison skill. Note that you are only able to venom base your own weapon(s), as the skill represents the training needed to strike without expending both vials at once.
Infinite use skill.

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