Calls You Need to Know

Caution: This OUT-OF-GAME call indicates that someone is in a potentially dangerous situation. Game is stopped and the situation is rectified. Once the situation has been rectified, game is restarted with a countdown: “Game on in 3, 2, 1”. For example, “Caution, you’re about to step into a fire!” Game stops, the people move, and then game is restarted. This call may also be used in other situations in which only a localized game stop is required, such as someone receiving a minor injury and needing to remove themselves to care for it.

Emergency: This OUT-OF-GAME call is used to indicate that someone is currently in danger or severely injured. Upon hearing the call, you should take a knee and repeat it. Game is completely stopped. Those with training aid the person who needs it. Once the situation has been rectified, game is restarted with a countdown from a GM: “Game on in 3, 2, 1”. Examples: “Emergency, John is on fire!” or “Emergency, broken leg!”

Clarify: This OUT-OF-GAME call is used to ask for clarifications regarding game mechanics. It may be used in situations where a call is not heard, or not understood. Examples: “Clarify, what was the call?” or “Clarify, what does X do?” This call is NOT to be used for questions that can be asked in an in-game manner. For example asking for a name you know in game and have forgotten should be phrased in game and NOT asked using Clarify.

“I curse your spirit”: This very high-tier call signifies that its victim has been placed under a curse.  The caster may specify immediately what the curse does, and a time duration.  If he does not specify its effect, the victim should report to staff at his earliest convenience to receive a randomly selected general curse; if the caster does not specify a time duration, the curse should be considered permanently until destroyed.  This call may not be countered by any means.  Curses remain in effect until specified, or until destroyed.

Call: “I curse your spirit” while looking directly at the victim and either calling him by name or describing one of his defining features (“you in the blue cloak”)

“Unstoppable”: This call signifies that the next skill or spell call may not be resisted by any means whatsoever, and is used by people who have managed to perfect an ability to the point that it literally slices through defenses that would normally work. HOWEVER, if you are Immune to the effect you can still respond with “No Effect” or “Absorb” as appropriate.
Call: “Unstoppable, skill or spell call”

“There is no escape”: This call signifies that the person using it has some method of movement that is faster than a normal person–wings, teleportation, and so on.  The victim(s) must be specified by name; if specified, you may not move more than three feet in any direction from where you stand.  You may still fight and move about in that area.  The effect lasts as long as you are within your opponent’s sight.  (Note that this does not mean your sight.)  This skill may not be countered, and you may not choose to take the call in a better area, unless a caution call is warranted.

“All within the sound of my voice”: This call signifies that the next skill called by the caster affects everyone who can hear them. It is important to note that having a deaf character does not save you here as the volume of the casters voice defines the area of effect. If you can hear the call on an Out of Game level you must act as if you were hit with the corresponding skill. Any skill delivered via “All within the sound of my voice” is resistible by a Spell shield, assuming the base skill is resistible and the call does not include “Unstoppable”

“Final death”: No one may use the Final death skill without explicit permission.  This skill cuts every single remaining string that its victim has, instantly and permanently ending his existence in the realm of the living.  Anyone hit with Final death is truly dead.  This skill may not be resisted or countered by any means.

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