Basic Mechanics

This page explains the basic mechanics of the game.  Familiarity with these mechanics will allow you to act and react quickly, eliminating the need to interrupt game-play with questions about clarification.  When in doubt, fall back on these mechanics.

1. Five is key.
    Almost every skill or effect at Adventurers Wanted lasts for a count of five seconds or five minutes.  Wait five seconds before falling unconscious from poison, lay dead for five minutes before eidoloning to Death, wait five minutes for the effects of Sleep, Silence, and Bind spells to wear off.  Note that there are some expections to this rule, such as Tend.

2. The term “Resist”
    Stating “resist” communicates two things: firstly, you acknowledge that a skill or spell was used against you; and secondly, you indicate that it has been negated.  That means that, if you cast a spell or use a skill on someone and he says, “Resist,” you know that he heard you and that your skill did not have the intended effect on him.  It also means that your skill or spell has been expended.

3. One Vitality per one blow.
    Every weapon that strikes your body, except for your head, neck, hands, feet, or groin, causes you to lose one Vitality or one armor point.  It may also have other effects, as with Maim, Subdue, or Poison.

4. No machine-gunning.
    Machine-gunning is defined as striking a single target multiple times with the same weapon within a single second.  This is not allowed.  Only one hit can be delivered in a given second with any given weapon or spell.  Note that the Florentine and Two weapon skills allow you to deal two blows per second, one from each weapon.  Likewise, multiple strikes from multiple weapons and people are still legal.

5. Smart, articulate casting and weapons calls.
    You, and everyone around you, are responsible for communicating game terms clearly and articulately.  Be aware of what is going on around you, and keep track of the different calls that are directed at you.  Know when it is prudent or imprudent to cast a spell–throwing a Bind spell at the back of a person who is yelling with rage may not be the best plan; that person probably will not see, hear, or feel the spell.  Similarly, casting at night is risky, since people might hear the spell call but fail to see or feel the packet land.

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