Base headers

Below is a brief description of each header and further down on the page is a list of all of the headers in a nice table. Please note that there are a list of skills open to all characters below. Enjoy!

Note: Remember that base headers cost 3 CP to unlock, with each additional header costing an additional 3 CP (so second headers cost 6 CP, third headers cost 9 CP, etc)

The Brute withstands. An exceptionally hearty and versatile fighter, she is stronger and better able to take a greater amount of damage in battle than the average person.

The Duelist fences. Distinguished by her ability to wield two weapons at one time, allowing her to block and to strike simultaneously, she is an accomplished and precise fighter.

The Soldier defends. He is first and foremost an armed shield fighter, using his shield both offensively and defensively.

The Psychic manipulates. Her impressive powers of perception allow her to influence the emotions and the minds of everyone around her–that is, everyone except other Psychics.

The Shaman heals. Characterized by his distinctive Shaman symbol, he maintains a balance between life and death by tending to wounds and defending against the Undead.

The Wizard casts. She has a combination of offensive and defensive spells that allow her either to destroy or to protect those around her.

Please note: Anyone with the psychic header (true or not) may never gain access to any “arcane” (wizard or elementalist, true or not) headers, either through the expenditure of CP or via in-game training. This restriction also applies to “arcane” casters attempting to acquire a psychic header.

The Assassin kills. Trained in stealth, he delivers lethal blows in the form of a thrown weapon, a poisoned blade, or a knife between the ribs.

The Rogue sneaks. She is an escape artist who has the ability to set, disarm, and move dangerous traps.

The Spy watches. With an array of different tools and talents at his disposal, he gathers information about the world, its happenings, and its inhabitants.


+ = single use skill       * = true skill

Open Skills
Vitality (1)+
Dagger (1)
Club (1)
Income (3)
Sage (1)+
Armor Repair (1)+
Harvester (1)+
Scroll Crafting (3)+ :prerequisite Harvester
Soldier Brute Duelist
Axe (1) Axe (1) Axe (1)
Blunt (1) Blunt (1) Blunt (1)
Pole Weapon (1) Pole Weapon (1) Sword (1)
Sword (1) Staff (1) Florentine (1)
Thrown Weapon (2) Sword (1) Disarm (1)+
Disarm (1)+ Crushing Blow (1)+ Maim (2)+
Parry (2)+ Knockback (1)+ Parry (2)+
Shield Bash (1)+* Parry (2)+ Rend (1)+*
Armor Expertise (3)* Toughness (3) Stun (2)+*
Shield (4)* Great Weapon (3)* Mutilation (3)*
Slay (4)+* Cleave (3)+* Two Weapon (3)*
Retreat (4)+*
Cheap Vitality (0)*
Psychic Shaman Wizard
Light (0) Light (0) Light (0)
Contact (0) Speak with Dead (1)+ Arcane Dart (1)+
Quell Emotion (1)+ Healing (3 for 2 CP)+ Fumble (1)+
Despair (2)+ Purify (2)+ Bind (2)+
Fear (2)+ Tend (2) Silence (2)+
Joy (2)+ Icon of Will (3)+ Sleep (2)+
Rage (2)+ Shaman Symbol (2)* Unbind (2)+
Psychic Talisman (2)* Benediction Disk (3)+* Arcane Bolt (3)+
Rend Mind (3)+* Blessed Armor (4)+* Circle of Protection (3)+
Mind Crush (4)+* Death (5)+* Wizard Staff (4)*
Spell Shield (4)+*
Spell Storm (4)+*
Spy Rogue Assassin
Axe (1) Disarm (1)+ Disarm (1)+
Blunt (1) Florentine (1) Florentine (1)
Sword (1) Reveal/Conceal (1)+ Maim (2)+
Staff (1) Parry (2)+ Thrown Weapon (2)
Pole Weapon (1) Subdue (3) Subdue (3)
Thrown Weapon (2) Avoid Trap (1)+* Poison (3)+*
Parry (2)+ Bow (2)* Venom Base (3)*
Reveal/Conceal (1)+ Escape (3)* Assassinate (4)+*
Subdue (3) Set/Disarm Trap (4)* Lock-Picking (2)*
Escape Bonds (1)* Lock-Picking (0)*
Poison (3)+*
Class Study (0)*
Spy (5)+*
Lock-Picking (2)*

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