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2018 Event Dates!

2018-02-10 11:40:23

Here are our 2018 events dates:

Feast: 3/3
Event 1: 4/6 - 4/8
Event 2: 5/25 - 5/27
Event 3: 9/7 - 9/9
Event 4: 10/12 - 10/14
Event 5: 11/16 - 11/18

Also for easy reference Camp Kirkwood's address is:
127 Kirkwood Rd, Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Spring Rumors 2017

2017-03-21 00:07:02

So apparently there are these creatures called Wyldefae, and they held a big shebang party in Whitewood. Meanwhile their armies toppled the Gold and Silver Courts. People are calling it the Courtfall, and it’s definitely shaken people up.

The Mage’s Guild of Terra announced that the treaty between them and the Fae was abolished. Who knows what's going to happen next.

The Hinterlord Herne is said to have invited Whitewood to participate in several hunting competitions.
Seeking skilled stonewrights. High pay, must be willing to relocate. Please send a redcap to Ler Esolton if interested.

Al’haziran caravans in Zulif claimed to have seen the dragonkin Seti in the southern reaches of the Khepri desert.
Local Field Workers in Leoden have reported a massive population explosion in the spawning of Adara along the shores of the Martell River.

The only news coming out of the Rae’ethin Empire, is no news at all. No one has seen or heard of a Dark Elf, since the Siege of Lisht.

Masked marauders attack popular vacation resort! Underground temperatures at the Ravi Hotsprings surged, killing several. A band of silver-masked marauders emerged slaughtering dozens more of the vacationers before disappearing into the jungle.

Tragedy strikes! Olivia Greenwell, the presumed future monarch of Leode, has been assassinated on her returning tour of Leode.

Different nations have begun to launch expansion efforts into the Badlands, a tribe of Ger has crossed to the south banks of the Yomayo River. The state of Arwyn in Leode has begun to establish a colony south of the Leode Mountains, New Xheng has begun expanding east from the Yamayo Outpost. The Runa Empire has established a military base in the southern foothills of the Kiwa Mountains.

Some areas that seemed about to fall reported instances where individual single-handed turned small battles - but what they did, no one can say, because they were always the only survivor.

The Imp Researcher Paradoc has begun construction of a Gate in Here to prove that Here and There are actually the same city.

Winter Feast Rumors 2017

2017-02-13 22:08:53

An Imp Researcher named Paradoc has put forth the claim that Here and There are actually the same city that happens to simultaneously exist in two places at the same time.

The Council of New Xheng has released a formal document condemning the actions of the Runa Empire during the Void War, but there doesn’t seem to be any military action and while everyone is talking about it, the text of the document itself isn’t circulating very well.

More mysterious attacks by silver-masked strangers! A district of uran citizens was decimated in Tectlan, and it took dozens of garrisoned Runa soldiers to drive the attackers out of the walls. Rumors abound that only one silver-mask survived, that only one died, or that none did.

A man was murdered in broad daylight in Leode by a group of Adaro that cast a spell of pacifism over the town. What is odd is that the town wasn’t located near a large body of water.

The Silver Court Bishop, Sevaltarth, in his role as the Herald of the Voice of Oberon, shall be in attendance at the Grand Feast hosted by the Hinterlord Herne in the mortal demesne of Whitewood.

There have been reports that several high-ranking senior Nazaras have been meeting with the Mage's Guild Arcanist Council. Master Avery Ambrose was in attendance at these meetings and the discourse is said to have been civilized and peaceful. Master Ambrose is a skilled necromancer in the Mage’s Guild who lead the defense of Zuliff against the Void, and was instrumental in arranging the armistice and cooperation between the Mage’s Guild Necromancers and the Servants of Death involved in the Coalition of Terra.

A new tribe of man-sized ants with icy carapaces has been seen skulking near outlying farms.
A large ship has been reported circling the Obsidian Isles, and while it hasn’t docked in several days, it is reportedly of beautiful craftsmanship, some say Fae, with beautiful bronze filigree along its bow, masts, and sails. Those who have seen it say it had no flag.

Following the Siege of Lisht and the defeat of the Void at Salinea, the Crusade of Darkness has been assisting with purging any remaining remnants of the Void in Terra. However, the Dark Elven presence has been scarce, leaving the majority of the hunting to the mortal servants of Father Darkness.
The sole survivor of a missing caravan stumbled into Farason claiming to have seen Seti in the desert, many dismiss the claim as mirages caused by the heat and lack of water.

Leode rejoices at the return of Olivia Greenwell, who some call the Queen of Leode! Triumphant from leading coalition forces in one of the many battles that took place during the daring attack on Salinea, she and other Leoden troops are being welcomed home by a day of celebration, with parades and arcane fireworks throughout the nation. In preparation, merchants have been buying up luxury goods and explosive traps (to help with the dazzling displays!) at a premium rate.

There was an explosion of magical energy which rocked the city of Kearsley. The Mage’s Guild has issued no official proclamation, but rumors are rampant that there was large-scale magical conflict between Arcanist Ata Nebbash and his Necromancers clashing with the Spell Guard and support by Arcanist Fala of the Bear Tribe. Arcanist Ata Nebbash had been under investigation by the Arcanist Council for any role he may have played in the unauthorized attack against the Great Library’s archaeological expedition to Sayyar ruins, thought to be perpetrated by necromancers under his jurisdiction.

There is a satyr who has been providing food, drink, song, and dance to anyone who wants near a faerie ring. People who have gone say he’s a lovely fellow and seemed particularly interested in tales of voidic conflicts, giving special gifts to those who participated. Rumor has it he’s within walking distance of Whitewood.

While Al’hazir hasn’t made any official pronouncements, those with an ear to market fluctuations have noticed their goods are being sold for higher prices and in smaller quantities to anyone affiliated with Runa…

Rumors Winter 2016 (con)

2016-11-14 23:14:25

The Servants of Death have been spreading reports that the main general of the Voidic armies, Renthara has been torn from the Weave. Citizens of Whitewood, acting on behalf of the Coalition, defeated the demon to which General Renthara was bonded.

Nightlord Daltharian vas'Nem, de facto leader for the Crusade of Father Darkness launched an assault upon the Voidic Army besieging Lisht with the intent of eliminating the leader, General Renthara. It is said that the Nightlord denied requests for backup, opting for a solo strike against the enemy general and that 'The Dark Ones' were all the assistance he required. Nightlord Daltharian is currently considered missing in action, and has not been seen since the attack began.

The siege of Lisht continues! The second voidic army of reinforcements approaching Lisht was successfully routed and defeated by an army of undead Fae. The voidic army besieging Lisht was assaulted and defeated by the Crusade of Darkness. The Servants of Death report that General Renthara is no more. Lisht however, is still besieged. During the Crusade's attack on the Void a massive rift devoid of light appeared in the heart of the voidic encampment and a monstrous army seeking to extinguish the light fell upon the demonic host. While the Void has been pushed back, what threat does this new army pose?!?

Traditional ponchos have seen a resurgence of fashionability among the socialite of Runa and even in the colonies is a popular garb for those in the know of current fashionable trends.

Seems like most of them Gypsies packed up and left the Isles and good riddance. They're a flighty people. All that's left are the good, respectable, hardworking people of the Obsidian Isles.

There was quite a stir in Manta which recently hosted a performance by Daniyah of the Family Khaldun, renowned bard and one of the Lost Heroes.

The Mage's Guild of Terra and Governor-General Lucien fa Apo-Mayta have successfully completed a joint investigation exposing Master Aldrin Fa’Tototl, a prominent member of the Mage's Guild and the Runa government as being demonically-bound to a Mage Demon and secretly working on behalf of the Void. Master Aldrin Fa'Tototl has been found guilty of Treason, his demon-bonded was hunted down and slain and Master Fa'Tototl was promptly executed and passed from the Weave for his crimes. News of this betrayal has sent shock-waves throughout the Mage's Guild and Runa. Arcanist of Abjuration Khelen Maistros has pledged that the Mage's Guild will not fail the people of Terra and that it will rise to the occasion to serve and protect the people of Terra in these trying times.

The Arcanist of Necromancy Ata Nebbash has been a voice of dissent in the Mage's Guild arguing that too little has been done regarding the emergent threat of 'Vivimancy.'

Arcanist of Abjuration Khelen Maistros, with the Assistance of the Arcanist of Elementalism, Fala of the Bear Tribe, has established an embassy on the Obsidian Isles with the Taragnians, an ancient race born of Sister Magma only recently rediscovered.

Whelp, there's a ton of ant corpses lying around unattended, and there's a bunch of shady people who like to play with dead bodies running around the Isles too.... Spirits preserve us.

Has anyone noticed that sometimes Voidic portals just seem to open out in the woods? Stuff doesn't always come out, but it certainly is unsettling.

Several Morpheus Demons were seen withdrawing from the Boreni territories.

Rumors for Winter 2016

2016-10-31 20:25:22

Has anyone else felt really hungry recently?

The Howler Ball team from Pond Lake has been having a great season!

The Voidic Army around Lisht has been routed by an army of Undead Fae. I guess that kinda answers the question of who won that tournament.

Just how many fish can a Fisher King fish, anyway?

So... With the fire ants gone what are the spiders going to eat....

I haven't had a chance to do some real gambling in a long time! Thank goodness all these Gypsies are around.

Large pumpkins have appeared in and around small towns on the isles.

Rumors for Fall 2016

2016-10-19 21:56:37

There are rumors that string mages have been complaining of persistent migraines.

With the Void War intensifying the Refugee Reallocation and Charity Foundation has moved additional volunteers into the Obsidian Isles region to provide relief efforts to incoming refugee populations.

Corvale's dusk to dawn curfew is still strongly in place. Crime rates in the city have dropped drastically in the past few moons, however arrest rates have also dwindled.

What's with all these gnolls? I swear they're up to no good.

A gypsy caravan never arrived at the local Al'hazir trading post that was expecting it. They were last seen disappearing into the deep desert, only there's no habitations or known oasis in that region.

Whitewood has actually been relatively free of ants. Who would've guessed that spiders can be so helpful?

Given the success of Whitewood and Alm, other towns are investigating bringing in other large predators or monsters to act as a natural ant deterrents.

A small forge on the outskirts of Vectis was broken into recently, only a single item was reported stolen, a gauntlet on display in the forge shrine that was supposedly forged by the High Wintersmith.

Folks have noticed that the plants in certain areas have been growing at unusual rates.

Supposedly a small caravan was wiped out by a hoard of flying ants.

Sightings of what appear to be a four legged demon with a massive body covered in fur have been noted in several towns along the northern portion of the Obsidian Isles.

A new candy has started taking off in popularity despite it's clear Voidic references. Crystal Crunch is a sweet yet hard candy with a satisfying crunch. Their slogan is 'So good you'd fight a demon for it.'

Is it just me or does Whitewood seems really busy right now?

Monstrous creatures have been appearing near Lisht at night and killing High Elves and demons with equal impunity.

Farmers have reported seeing fewer undead in their fields, but report large numbers of tracks that could be human or bone.

Number 1 spear bandit only comes to town because he's got a big ol' crush on Filippa.

Mid-BGS Rumors for Fall 2016

2016-10-09 20:46:55

Chief Koko of the Wolf Tribe of the Jay'ek has not returned from death, and her people mourn her passing. No members of the Wolf Tribe have been seen anywhere across Terra since the announcement. Soyala, the former Wolf Tribe Chief, still has not made any public announcements.

The library is increasing the amount of expeditions it is funding to ruins across Terra! If you have an expedition you'd like to plan, contact your local librarian Headmaster, or any Shodan in your area, to see about requisitioning aid from the library. Many of the library announcements also mention that any information about the missing Mage's Guild expedition will be rewarded.

Several fields between Lorborough and Meadowcoast caught fire recently. It's a good thing most of the harvesting was done.

Strange moans have been heard by that barrow. They seem to be occurring more frequently.

Strange crows have been seen around Whitewood. The annoying things refuse to leave....

Several more individuals have come to Whitewood, loudly reiterating the call for a 'Free and Noble Whitewood,' however the sentiment doesn't seem to be spreading to other locations in the Isles.

Runa officials reaffirm that their armies will only defend their own territory from the void, even as other nations worry how long the Coalition can hold out.

2016-09-27 17:06:52

Due to IG events, the Wolf Tribe of the Jay'ek are not currently a playable race for new characters. If you are planning one, please contact staff for more information.

Rumors for Summer 2016

2016-08-29 01:34:12

Tremendous roars have been heard on the wind throughout the Obsidian Isles, locals are confused and unable to figure out what could be causing it or where its coming from.

Have you noticed that there are more crows around?

Some locals inherited a large sum of money, and just up and left the Isles! I heard they're established somewhere in Leode...or maybe it was Runa?

There have been a few of disappearances across the Isles. Not sure if these are a result of the ants.

Those former magma cultists have been very helpful in fending off the ants.

There don't seem to be a lot of Undead wandering around town, but the farmers have reported fights in their fields.

A New Xheng representative of the Coalition has been offering a bounty for a live specimen of the ant menace.

If you wrestle an Adaro and win it will give you pearls.

Basilisk nests have been cropping up across the Isles.

Farmers have been reporting strange masked creatures hissing at them from their cornfields. Upon further investigation, they find their fields have been carefully tilled and cared for.

The Mage's Guild is still recovering from the devastating loss in Salinea, with fewer members being seen in major skirmishes across the warfront.

Strange occurrences have been occurring at Lisht, extraplanar rifts frequently appear spewing forth creatures and monsters of darkness seeking to 'extinguish the light.' Until the rifts collapse, these creatures seem to kill demon and high elf indiscriminately.

The raptors can only see movement and won't attack if you stay still.

The main voidic host continues to circle Lisht, attempting to cut off all outside reinforcements. Lisht defenders have held the walls, but there have been no reports of successful counterstrikes behind voidic lines.

Offering a Behemoth food will make it stop attacking you.

A large voidic force continues to move South towards the besieged Lisht, despite constant harrying by Coalition forces.

Its getting unsafe to sail these days - if it isn't the void ships shattering boats, its pirates running fisherman and traders down!

The ants won't attack you if you wear red.

Al'hazir travelers report the northern border of New Xheng has become increasingly unsafe near the Psychic Empire ruins following a Mage's Guild archaeological expedition. None of the expedition has returned, and some people worry the Mage's Guild violated their new agreements with Al'hazir - others worry New Xheng zealots don't care about Al'hazir deals?

If you enter into a treaty, you should probably honor it.

Something is going on in Leefside.

Rumors for Feast 2016

2016-01-24 21:14:58

Amidst the continual rebuilding efforts and ant attacks, the last thing Spearmont needed was a brutal triple murder outside a tavern - one less safe place to drink, and one of the casualties was a guardswomen, too!

The Void forces were set to overtake the city of Zuliff, when various portals opened unleashing an army of Undead supported by Necromancers, Spell Guard, and Orange Cornelian Knights to stall and turn back the Voidic host.

A portal-strike into the Crystal Citadel was met with catastrophic consequences - I heard people were being consumed in explosions and coming in through trees, even before the demons got to 'em

Demons have been hitting the 'Lurker' squads with surprising persistance. Despite heavy voidic losses (and a great deal of panic), the lurker numbers are thinning. Although that may be in part to several escaping in the chaos.

Betting pools have started for when the Mayors of Whitewood will have thier first scandal.

Furbolgs have been seen wandering dangerously close to Corvale

Despite it's on-going monster problems, Alm has turned into a sort of safe haven from the ants. Opinions of the monster slowy apprear to be shifting.

Several people have been whispering about more hobgoblin patrols being sighted - but they don't seem very friendly, never talking to anyone and disappearing into the woods

Farmers around Whitewood have been enjoying the presence of the small child who enjoys killing Ants. His enthusaim seems to only be matched by the number of ants.

A small group of people have formed a small cult that aims to 'become one' with the ants.

Adventurers Wanted Tavern Forum

2015-06-05 11:36:50

We are pleased to announce our new Adventurers Wanted Forum!

Staff and players will be able to use this forum to make in-game postings and announcements between events, such as posting in-game notices and coordinating events among players. Players can also send each other private messages, so your character will be able to communicate with other player characters even between games! The forum is also the best place to get answers to any questions you have about the game or the rules, to coordinate rides, or to chat about the game in general.

In order to join the forum, simply go to http://adventurerswantedroleplay.com/forum/index.php and create an account.

To kick off our new forum, we will be holding a caption contest! Entries are due by Friday, June 12, and the winner will receive 2 CP! See the Caption Contest thread on the General Discussion Board for more details.

The forum will be the best way for players to organize, and for player characters to communicate with each other between events, so be sure to create an account and check back periodically! Staff may also make in-games postings occasionally, and will also use the forum to answer out-of-game player questions. We hope that this makes the game more fun for everybody!

2015 Spring Event Rumors

2015-05-20 12:23:01

'A strange fellow has been going from town to town paying folks to have a bit of their blood drained. He seems alright, but this whole blood business seems a little sketchy.'

'There seems to be fewer Haunts around than normal. Not catastrophically low numbers, but unusually low numbers all the same. '

'Reports of people being kidnapped or going missing have all but stopped recently. Must have been something the Town Guard did since the Council was so complacent, or involved depending on who you ask. Great job Captain Milo!'

'With all these ants about it has been hard to get the spring crops planted. The Obsidian Isles could be in for a major food shortage if this keeps up for too long.'

'Many of the former Magma-cultists have offered up their services as guards to many of the smaller towns, as a continued apology for the problems they caused. While they have helped minimize casualties from the ant attacks, they have been unable to reduce them to zero.'

'The only village that seems to not be having ant problems is Alm, which still has occasional reports of a glowing abomination stalking its borders. Maybe that thing is killing all of the ants in the area? Some folks are actually debating moving there if the ant problem persists despite the local monster.'

'A strange flickering orange light has been seen on the edge of a few towns. It always seems to disappear before anyone can get close enough to investigate. Stranger still, the few reports from folks are able to get close enough seem to suggest it is in some sort of pain based on the sounds. The area around where the light has been seen is always torn up as if with some combination of a sword and claws.'

'Corvale has sentenced a criminal to death, the execution shall be carried out in Whitewood by the local Guard.'

'Sounds like the festival in Xheng was a huge success, one thing though - anyone know where the winning entry in the art contest ended up?'

'Lots of ship traffic around the islands - dozens leaving, some arriving, who knows whats going on?'

'There's been a lot of activity outside Whitewood - looks like some construction, lots of deliveries?'

'The people of southern Runa have been complaining that they haven't been able to have a proper nights sleep in moons.'

2015 Winter Feast Rumors #1

2015-03-10 01:29:15

'The Corvale Magistrate has sentenced a reviled criminal to death. Runa has agreed to carry out the execution in Whitewood on the behalf of Corvale.'

'The Imp Lands have seen a flurry of activity surrounding one of its Merchant Consortium Trading Emporiums.'

'Corvale has successfully completed reconstruction and fortification efforts following the devastating Dark Elf raid it suffered three years ago. Now if only it could recover from the problems left by Magma, human refugees, and monstrous ants.'

'A Dwarven Longship has been reported sailing up rivers deep into Xheng territory, far from the coastal regions the Dwarves are known for regularly raiding.'

'The way I hear it, 'dem Boreni lands ain't so peaceful no more. Apparently those silver-faced Morpheus Demons hit the Boreni and hit them hard. Caught their Elders completely by surprise. Rumor is whole Tribes ceased to exist overnight. Way I hear it, what Elders are left are gathering everyone they can at Cenbarre, where they're at their strongest. Course if the Demons don't get them, won't be long til they run out of food.'

'I was there. It was horrifying. The Watch had been doubled that night, without any moonlight we were expecting Shadow Demons to try sneaking over the walls, or perhaps a surprise attack. I was patrolling on the walls, the lurid orange glow washed over us even from the distance of the encamped Voidic Armies. You couldn't even see the Martell in the distance. It was quiet, I was hoping we'd make it safely through the night. Then we heard the clash of battle in the distance. Horns blared as we called New Sol to arms and the flare of magical light made it bright as day on the walls as them Mages responded. We prepared to repel the demons, but they never showed up. The sounds of battle intensified in the distance, and one by one the Orange lights of the Void encampment were snuffed out. When dawn came, the Martell practically glittered in the dawn light, and the flood plains were empty, the enemy encampment was gone and only their corpses littered the fields. Scouts were sent to investigate, but the only dead they found were those of the Void. If they were Leoden, why didn't they hail or besiege the City? If the higher ups know what happened they aren't telling us with our boots in the mud. Whatever it was though, it has them Mages spooked, and nothing spooks them, usually they're the spooks.'

'The new Governor-General of the Gallifean territories has been chosen, the Eastern Governor Sabina fa Ka-Ata-Killa, thankfully, not the Blood Jaguar. It seems to be working, because the Lacon have tentatively agreed to fledgling trade agreements with the Runa Empire, and an armistice has been established between Runa and the Jay'ek Tribes.'

2015 Winter Feast Activities

2015-02-16 23:14:32

With great pleasure I am glad to announce the Winter Feast Activities of The Terra War Conference, to Confront and Combat the Voidic Menance.

Contest of the Arts
During the Conference, we call upon those inspired by artistic aspirations to lift and lighten hearts made weary by war and loss. Entrants into the contest are asked to prepare a work of art in their chosen medium and bring it to the conference, to be set on display for the duration of the Conference. At the conclusion of the Conference, the works of Art will be judged and rewards divested to winning pieces. The Artists will remain anonymous from their artwork to ensure that the art is judged upon its own merits and not on the merits of the artist. Each entry will be judged by its capacity to show the benefits and victories of this alliance.

Trials of Honor
Participants in the Trials shall serve as representative Champions of the different factions and nations represented at the Conference. Each Champion shall enter into a single combat, single elimination tournament. The Victor shall earn honor and prestige to for those they represent and will be duly rewarded by the faction they are representing in the Trials.

Champions may represent:
New Xheng
Leode: Friedrich Marvara and his followers, the Communist Iconoclast
Leode: Martell's Children, the democratic Federation of Fieldhands
Leode: King Rhys Cysgard and his Queen Olivia of House Greenwell, the Rightful Monarchy
Leode: The Merchant Lords of Angelo Giocatore and the Tradewinds of the Merchant Consortium
The Boreni Tribes
The Mage's Guild of Terra

Please note: Each faction may be represented by more than a single Champion. Please inform Shichidan Sunan of your intent to enter the Trials as well as the faction you wish to represent, prior to the Conference.

Silent Auction
The following items will be available for bid during the course of the Conference. Each item will have an initial minimum starting bid.

1. Godan T'ung-wen Kane Xaosin Asakura, a prominent and wealthy Xheng noble and member of the Merchant Consortium, is interested in expanding his trade into the Obsidian Isles region. As such he shall be touring the various settlements of the Obsidian Isles. The possessor of this token will be called upon to host Lord Xaosin during his stay in Whitewood, to give him a tour of the local area, and will be invited to join him for a private dinner.
2. For four generations the Ginoshi Family of Clan Moku has been faithfully served by a Brownie of the Silver Court skilled in the ways of Smithing. The bearer of this token will be formally adopted into the Ginoshi Family, and upon completion of a specific task, be granted the patronage of this Silver Court Brownie for the remainder of their mortal life.
3. Xheng is pleased to offer the patronage of Yodan Shogunate Mizu Kagetoki Shoryu , a master of the Xheng Blademaster Temple and a true artist of sword and combat, who will extend training in sword and honor to the successful celebrant in this gathering.
4. An invitation from the Boss Shaman of the Beetlesage Tribe has been extended to the winner, who will be invited to partake of a spirit journey courtesy of an Eadic Shaman Circle.

Xheng Auction
Every individual attending the Conference shall be vested with a set amount of tokens of auction, these may be divested at the individual's discretion among any number of the following Items. At the conclusion of the Conference, a single token will be randomly selected for each of the following, and the owner of the Token will become the recipient.

1. Ring of the Battle-Mage: While this ring was originally crafted to augment the capabilities of arcane practitioners who frequently saw the field of combat, any who frequently combat magic users will see the benefit of this item. The Ring of the Battle-Mage will allow its wearer to absorb a single spell and cast that spell at a future point in time.
2. Amulet of Purification: The Amulet of Purification augments purifying magics to allow even those untrained in the Shamanic Arts to purge harmful toxins from themselves or others.
3. Amulet of Life's Endurance: This Amulet imbues the attuned wearer with the ability to survive even the most grievous of injuries, even when rendered unconscious.
4. Sands of Dream: Specially and carefully harvested, the Sands of Dream, if taken prior to sleeping at night, will imbue the individual with particularly powerful and true dreams.

Beat that Demon!
A Demonic Pinata shall be destroyed during the course of the Conference to celebrate victory of the Void. All will receive the treats concealed within the Pinata and the one to strike the killing blow will be granted a small monetary award

2015 Winter Feast

2015-02-16 23:09:11

Invitation to the 2015 Winter Feast

The Town of Whitewood,
Esteemed Colony of Runa and proud Defenders of the Isle of Obsidian;
In the name of the Grand Council of State Harmony and with full approval of the great Nation of New Xheng,
I, Shichidan Singseong Kane Gangjeon Sunan,
Have been given the great honor by clan and country to host a great feast and celebration. I request the honor of the presence of your town at this event, alongside many other grand nations and groups,
To enjoy feasting and lightening of hearts!
To Call forth hope and gladness!
And in the spirit of these times, I will ask us all to master our pain,
To sit at a table stained long with blood, and come together for this:
The Terra War Conference, To Confront and Combat the Voidic Menace!

The Feast will be held at the following address:
Schweiker Lodge
Camp Delmont
5505 Upper Ridge Road
Pennsburg, PA 18073

The Feast will be held on Sunday, March 29th.
Game on is at 12:00 noon, but staff will be setting up starting at 11:00 am
New character registration deadline is March 8th and old character registration deadline is March 15th.
The BGS deadline is March 8th.

Please register early so we can properly prepare food for the total number of people attending.

October Winter Event 2014 Rumor Teaser

2014-10-20 22:27:45

* The Voidic Army continues to besiege the beleaguered city of New Sol in Leode. Some defenders claim to have witnessed increased disruption and disorganization among the Voidic forces, but things continue to look grim to say the least.

* In the area around Whitewood, a ferocious skeleton has been ripping people apart. Limb from limb. Its terrible.

* If those darn rebels weren’t around, maybe Runa could do something to save us from these Ants! And them nasty bandits too!

* The Dark Elf Empire has been quiet for several months, they closed down their embassies and withdrew behind their borders. I mean they were an insular race before, but this is a major reversal from their policy this past decade. I wonder if there’s been a change in power?

* The Merchant Consortium continues in its efforts to assist the various refugees and settlements of Obsidian Isles, however the massive influx of hostile ants and bandits in the area has threatened their trade routes.

* Have you seen those strange white figures in the woods?

* Captain Milo’s absence, supposedly due to official business in Runa, has caused many to question the competency of the remaining Guardsmen in Whitewood.

* I wonder what's going on, Runa announced its delaying the governor-general election for Gallif. Something about new information that is being investigated. I wonder if this has anything to do with the absence of Captain Milo, from Whitewood?

* I heard that some Madness character is hosting a Masquerade Ball in Whitewood and there’s going to be a Boreni Carnival too! Everyone’s invited and Nobody’s going to die, but still...the guy’s name is Madness?!

* The Town Council of Whitewood is as corrupt as they come.

* Why are there more golems wandering the Isles? I thought we saw the last of them when that volcano erupted.

* Ants! I thought the red ones were bad but things are getting worst!

* Did you hear about those giant ants? They took all the flowers. Every flower in the town was picked. I wonder why?

September Fall Event 2014 Donations List

2014-09-01 21:19:06

Please Contact Staff at awstaffgroup@gmail.com and awlarp@gmail.com with what you intend to donate and the quantity so we can ensure that we acquire the different donations in the quantities necessary.

General Donations:

Make-Up and Make-Up Crayons
2-3x Black Witches Hats (Please check with a staffer before ordering if the design is appropriate).
2-3x Black Cloaks
1x IG appropriate blank journals
http://www.actonecostumes.net/bmthbeandmus.html : 1x (Brown) for 2CP

Crafting Donations:

2x Golem Masks (Contact Andrew or awstaffgroup@gmail.com) for details.
1x Matching Pair (2 total) of Giant Black Ant Antenna (to be worn by NPCs)

September Fall Event 2014 Rumors

2014-09-01 21:16:23

Enjoy the bountiful harvest of fall, for with winter will come death.

I hear there's a new power couple in Whitewood, I wonder how long until they kill each other?

It's just terrible what Sirii has been doing. Just awful. Apparently, she has been taking local farmers and giving them to a nec...wait...here she comes! Act natural!

Food was sent to the starving people of Vectis. I sure hope it wasn't contaminated by that plague Alm has been suffering from.

Finally our little garden has flowered enough to be harvested.

I hear them Dream-Walkers under the leadership of Councilwoman Star are selling us out so Nightmares can feed on our brains when we're sleeping. Or sum'thin like that. What some people won't stoop to for personal power.

What is the Town Council of Whitewood really up to?

There's been an increase in furbolgs in the area, I wonder why?

Whitewood. We fled Xheng for this place? Can we go back?

Wasn't that earthquake a while back weird? First one I've ever been in. I wonder why it happened.

Fae. Why. So. Many. Fae?

Summer 2014 Rumor Teasers #1

2014-08-01 22:15:25

* No one has seen nor heard of Adra ever since that man in the silver mask and half-Dark Elf kidnapped her in the tavern.

* Are Fae looking for dates? You should try asking.

* Smoking things out can end in fire.

* In the wake of destruction caused by the forces of Magma, the Merchant Consortium has been active throughout the Obsidian Isles helping with reconstruction efforts.

* Recently in the ongoing struggles against the Void, the Spell Guard and forces of the Mage's Guild have been forced to more defensible positions, relinquishing several areas of reclaimed land. However, joint efforts between the Mage's Guild and Death Servants seem to be on the rise, with slight improvements in cooperation.

* An extremely powerful Greater Warrior Demon,and its forces, have been rampaging throughout Leode, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

* House Papillion has placed an official bounty on a group known as 'Vivimancers' presumed to be operating in the Obsidian Isles. There is a 10 Gold Bounty on the head of each member of this group.

* It is rumored that the former Demon King, a Shadow Demon known as Halos, was sighted in Whitewood, a town in the Obsidian Isles.

* The Obsidian Isles have been quiet lately with few sightings of Magma Elementals, deranged cultists, or golem-constructs. But what's with this ant infestation?

* When's the last time anyone saw a Hobgoblin?

* Did you see that Brownie? Since when have the Fae allied with the Void?

* A hooded figure has been witnessed in the dark corners of taverns, whispering about a way to unbind void mages from their demons.

* 'Runa's sending people to help with 'rebuilding efforts' phah, just an excuse for them to smuggle more soldiers onto the Isles and violate the Cease-Fire.'

* The Brownie is the new Master of the tavern.

* You know, you really shouldn't trust that guy.

* I hear there's going to be a new Temple devoted to the Greater Spirits being established in Whitewood.

* Some of the crazed cultists were seen accompanying a strange humanoid who radiated heat like fresh magma. However, they were surprisingly civil and apologetic for their prior behavior. Rumor has it they were heading to Spearmont to help repair the damage done by the forces of Magma.

* Did you hear, the food situation in some of the towns surrounding Whitewood has caused some to resort to banditry? A lot is aimed at the one town that supposedly been withholding its normal exports of food. I wonder what is going on there?

Updates to Fighter Headers

2014-07-11 19:53:44

Hello Adventurers!

We have been looking over our fighter headers and have decided to make the following changes for balance purposes. Please e-mail awlarp@gmail.com with any questions or comments you have. We will work with everyone to get their character sheets updated before the August event.

Removed Crushing Blow
Removed Maim
Gained Disarm
Gained Thrown Weapon

Removed Stun
Removed Thrown Weapon
The skill Toughness has been changed, it no longer gives Tough Vitality and is no longer a True Skill
Gained Great Weapon, a new skill
Gained Knockback, a new skill
Gained Retreat as a True Skill

Removed Slay
Gained Rend as a True Skill
Gained Stun as a True Skill

The new skills:
Great Weapon (2): Enables you to use a two-handed version of a weapon type that you already know. Not applicable to Staff or Polearm weapons. Two-handed weapons must always be used with both hands. You may not in any way use a two-handed weapon with one hand, not even in defense. Two-handed weapons are infinitely resistant to the skill Disarm as long as they are being wielded with both hands.

Knockback (1): Can only be called using a Great Weapon. The target must move away from the hit 5 full steps. Try your best to step in the direction the hit would have “thrown” you. This is to be done safely and calmly, not flying through the air. If for any reason you are unable to move the 5 steps, take this skill as a Crushing Blow. This skill goes through Shields and can be Parried.

Toughness (3): This skill allows you to function normally even when at zero Vitality. Players with this skill are not subject to the Adrenalin State.

Spring 2014 Rumor Teasers #1

2014-04-23 13:42:54

* 'There will be a Bardic Symposium hosted in Whitewood this moon by a truly musical Fae! There are no winners, no losers, just a celebration of music, poetry, and any other form of artistic expression. Come prepared to sing or play and delight friends new and old!'

* 'Magma activity is on the rise, not too many of those crazy fanatics anymore thinking Magma is the best Spirit ever. Still, things are looking grim. The colonies however seem to actually be doing rather well for helping each other out. Not that Runa's doing much to help.'

* 'Did you hear some guy tried pilfering the supplies being gathered in Corvale to help out refugees from the Magma attacks?'

* 'A large shipment of foodstuffs is coming out of some farming community in the north, course they are apparently claiming that something dangerous in the area is going to keep it from being shipped on time, still Vectis needs that food to survive!'

* 'Did you hear about Alm, the small village a few hours outside Whitewood? Seems like they have been turning away visitors and suggesting that folks not come by there. I wonder if that has anything to do with the undead sighting there a few moons ago...'

Feast of Land's Harmony Activities

2014-02-12 17:28:39

The Feast of Land’s Harmony
Is a winter festival celebrated by all the peoples of Gallif to celebrate the end of hostilities between our different peoples and the peace celebrated and shared by us all. The people of Whitewood are invited to join a delegation from Gallif in celebration of peace, generosity, reconciliation, and goodwill. As such, any violence outside of sanctioned activities is prohibited and will be dealt with as crime under the law of Runa of which you are a colony; additionally it will be seen as a heinous insult to the delegation and peoples of Gallif. Furthermore, even in any sanctioned event, any act, spell, or action which renders a participant or bystander dead, will be treated as an act of murder and will also result in disqualification from any and all competitions. Additionally, spectators are invited and encouraged to place bets on the outcome of the various activities for good-natured fun.

A Call to the Healers of Whitewood
The Gallifian Delegation hosting the Feast of Land’s Harmony is seeking to employ any skilled in the mystical arts of mending the injured body to aide in some of the more martial activities being held. Those skilled in the arts of setting broken limbs, reviving the unconscious, purging toxins, and mending bodies harmed by the lethal intent of combat will be compensated for their mystical abilities in the form of monetary coin. Please note that such healers cannot provide for healing in any competition for which they are also participating so as to avoid conflicts in interests.

Bounty of the Last Eve
In celebration of Winter’s Last Eve, the citizens of Whitewood will be invited to participate in this tradition at the Feast of Land’s Harmony. A Jar of Bounty filled with small chocolates and sweets will be on display during the feast. All are welcome to participate in this tradition. Each participant pays two copper into a communal pot and makes a single guess as to the number of chocolates and sweets in the Jar of Bounty. The participant who comes closest to guessing the correct amount will be awarded the communal pot. As a conclusion of this tradition all participants are invited to share in feasting on the sweets from the Jar of Bounty. The Bounty of Last Eve reflects the greatness that can be achieved by many coming together as well as the bounty in which all should share.

Trial of the Dagger
Based on an old Jay’ek tradition used to settle minor individual disputes, the Trial of the Dagger has grown into a game not dissimilar from ‘stone, parchment, and knife’ played by children in Leode. For the Feast of Land’s Harmony, a pair of magical bracers will be provided to facilitate this game. Each participant will pay an entrance fee of two copper. The participants will participate in a tournament style match of one against one. The bracers are enchanted to suppress and alter the abilities of the participants to make them evenly matched in terms of prowess and skill. Each participant will be bestowed with the following abilities, and all other powers they possess will be magically suppressed. The ability to wield a single dagger with proficiency, to deftly part the other combatant of their dagger with a twist of their wrist but once, the ability to sever the tendons in one of the other combatants limbs but once, and the ability to swiftly deflect and disengage an enemy combatants attack a single time. Each combatant will also be magically enhanced to survive being struck with ten blows of lethal intent. The trial will operate under the rules of single elimination and whichever participant is the ultimate winner will be awarded with an item of magical potency.

Challenge of Comrades
Originating from the military traditions of Lacon, the Challenge of Comrades is a practice used to hone tactical thinking in combat situations as well as building bonds of trust and loyalty honed in the fires of combat. For the Feast of Land’s Harmony, the citizens of Whitewood will be invited to participate in a tournament based on this principle. Participants will sign-up in teams of two and the two participants pay a single silver entrance fee between the two of them. Teams may be any combination of martial, mystical, or dexterous skill. Teams of two will compete against one another in single elimination combat. This will be no-holds barred combat in a designated area, and any ability that does not render a participant dead is acceptable for use. The victor of each round will go on to compete in future rounds. However, if one of the members of the winning team is unconscious and their teammate is unable to return them to consciousness within a minute of the round ending then the unconscious teammate is disqualified and only the conscious participant will continue onward to compete in future rounds. At the end of each round, the victors will be eligible to receive magical healing of no more potency than the mending of injuries delivered by five strikes of lethal intent as well as the mending of any broken limbs. Any additional outside interference in the form of magical enhancements, healing, or means of providing rejuvenating energy are grounds for immediate disqualification. The Victor or Victors will each be awarded an item enchanted by the mystical arts.

Winter Feast Teaser

2014-01-31 20:07:53

Please join us on Sunday, February 23rd at Schwieker Lodge, Camp Delmont (5505 Upper Ridge Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073) for Adventurer's Wanted 2014 Winter Feast from 12pm to 7pm. Game will run promptly from 1pm to 6pm with a hard start at 1pm.

Register at: http://www.adventurerswantedroleplay.com/events/

Adventurer's Wanted: Winter Feast Official Teaser #1

'As a show of good faith to the people of Whitewood in their on-going efforts to foster peace and having established a temporary armistice with the Gallifean Rebels, the Runa Empire will be allowing the colonists from Gallif to host a feast in celebration of this armistice. Furthermore, it rumored that several dignitaries will be in attendance at this momentous occasion, both delegates from the continent of Gallif, but but also officials from the Runa Empire to better assess the ongoing problems plaguing the Runan Colonies on the Obsidian Isles'

Magical Item Attunement

2014-01-30 23:33:36

Official Ruling:
1. Sage cannot be used to attune magical items to yourself or anyone else. We have been phasing this aspect of Sage out (the same as Training Sage) to devote Sage to a purely Scholarly Research. Furthermore, players should not feel as if they /have/ to purchase Sage for purposes of progressing such as Training Sage [Under the Old System] or Attuning Magical Items.
2. Sage does play a role in regards to magical items. Through the use of Sage you can determine what properties a magical item might possess, whether the item is magical, and whether the Item is Cursed. Sage is the 'what is it and what does it do.'
3. In order to /attune/ magical items to your person you MUST spend at least 1 Training Point to attune a magical item to yourself. This represents the time spent between Moons forming a bond or connection with the item. By doing this, you are able to access the properties of the item.
4. If an item is attuned to you by an NPC or other occurrence IG, then you are able to access the abilities of that item for the remainder of the event (the abilities you have access to will most likely be told to you should this occur). However, to maintain that connection you will need to invest at least 1 Training Point to the item to attune it to yourself on a more permanent basis.
5. The purpose for the transition from Sage to Training Points is A. Players should not feel as if they are forced to purchase Sage, Training Points are universally available. B. It causes players to assess how best to utilize Training Points to progress themselves, do they divert from their studies and learning a new skill/header, in order to gain the immediate access to the powers of a magical item.

I will be making a separate post of this on the Facebook Page, and ensure that the Rulebook is updated to reflect this ruling as well.
Additionally Character Sheets/Check-In sheets will be updated in the future to reflect what (if any) all magical items are attuned to an individual character and what properties those items possess.

We will not be accepting Training Points for Training or Magical Item Attunement for the Feast. If we accepted Magical Item Attunement Training Points it would defeat the purpose of having to choose between one path of progression or the other, by effectively creating a 'freebie' event for attuning magical items.

Update #3

2012-08-07 14:45:15

The “Racial” page is now fully updated, formated, and functional including internal links within the page for more convenient browsing!

Also there are now several “Notes” sections on everyone’s character sheets where they can make notes about their character. One of the sections can only be edited by the player who the character is registered under and will appear on their printed character sheet. The second section is editable only by staff, is visible to the player, and will appear on their printed character. The third note section can only be seen and edited by staff; it will not appear on the printed character sheet.

The skills page is next on the list.

Update #2

2012-08-07 14:31:40

The content of the “Racial” page is all updated under the “Character Creation” tab. The formatting of that page will be tweaked to make it easier to read and navigate.

2012-08-07 14:27:37

At long last the sought after Updates and Announcements page is up and running!

This is the all important update page where we will announce things such as information about new system we will be introducing to game, rule changes or tweaks, and new event dates.

However; for the moment it will largely include information about how we are updating the site as things come online!

So on to the first real update on this page!

The Character Database continues to undergo refinement as our wonderful players and staffers find bugs in our system. Please continue to keep us updated with your concerns as you have them and we will continue to fix them as completely and quickly as possible. (Please note that making a comment on the facebook page is one of the easiest ways to do this, although emailing us is also a good method.)

There is now cultural information in the “The World of Terra” tab in the side menu. Please check it out!

Additionally information is being worked into the racial descriptions in the character creation tab. It isn’t done yet but it should be by the end of the day. Also, please note the nice links to the cultural information. (Database concerns occupy a higher priority so depending on what bugs come up the timing may vary).

Also the formatting on this page may change a bit as we determine the best way to manage it. There may or may not be an update about it when that happens…

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